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Our website is live

AntiCello Project

Discover all the information on the AntiCello project on our website. The project started in Ukraine and continues in France! Find our press kit on Canva AntiCello Project (in English)

Our musicians

Iryna Duvarry


Stas Fekete


Ruslan Shyrokov

Oboe et DJ

Our news

Video Clip

Our first video clip is released! Our first EP will be released soon! Find us on our social network.…

Europe Day

May 6 at 10:30AM in Brussels and May 13 from 10:30AM and during the day (12PM and 4PM) in Strasbourg…

AntiCello Project on France 3 Alsace

In anticipation of AntiCello Project’s participation in the opening of the UNDERSOUND VIII fes…

Our songs

Carol of the Bells

Find our latest cover of Carol of the Bells on SoundCloud

OUR Events

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