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Our Project

AntiCello Project is the project of three Ukrainian musicians, living in Strasbourg, France. The band is composed of Stas Fekete (Cello), accompanied by Iryna Duvarry (Vocal) and Ruslan Shyrokov (Oboe).

The project “AntiCello” was intially developed in Ukraine by Stas Fekete, Composer – performer and Cello musician, with a team of musicians consisting of a symphonic ensemble. Stas Fekete settled in France, and the project renewed in Alsace and already performed multiple times.

The Electro-Classical style repertoire consists of covers of old and modern classic songs and of original compositions.

You can find our Press Kit on Canva or download the PDF version.

The Musicians

Stas Fekete


Composer – performer and musician, his music is
eclectic, with often dark and tragic accents, of
symphonic rock and electro classic style.

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Iryna started singing since she was 9 years old. She
perfected her singing technique at the Academie du
chant – Jam Vocal Academy in Montreal, Canada.

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Ruslan Shyrokov

oboist and DJ

Before the war in Ukraine he played in the city
symphony orchestra of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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Our Collaborations

The Human Safety Net – THSN by SINGA Strasbourg

The project was supported in 2022 by the first promotion of the First Bi-National Incubator The Human Safety Net – THSN by SINGA Strasbourg.

Collaborations with NHF Orchestra and CSC Neuhof

Collaborations started with NHF Orchestra (NHF2 Orchestra, first oprchestra of Neuhof district in Strasbourg) and student of the Neuhof cultural centre (CSC Neuhof).

Concerts were organized with the support of Krutenau music centre and the association À livre ouvert / Wie ein offenes Buch.

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