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Europe Day

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May 6 at 10:30AM in Brussels and May 13 from 10:30AM and during the day (12PM and 4PM) in Strasbourg! AntiCello Project participates in Europe Day at the European Parliament.

Europe Day celebrates Europe’s achievements and unity, and commemorates the signing of the Schuman Declaration on 9 May 1950. This ambitious plan to secure long-term peace in post-war Europe laid the early foundations for what is now the European Union.

In 2023, Europe stands together to tackle the most important issues of
our time and build a better future for all Europeans. This is our democracy in action.

In May the European Parliament invites you to a wide range of activities and events across the EU Member States, as well as in the Parliament’s three places of work, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg.

In Brussels, May 6, AntiCello Project takes part in the opening ceremony of Europe Day, which takes place in the hemicycle starting 10:30AM

Open Days at the European Parliament in Brussels (© European Union 2023 – Source : EP)

In Strasbourg, May 13, AntiCello Project takes part in the opening ceremony from 10:30AM and throughout the day (12PM and 4PM).

Find the full program on the European Parliament’s Europe Day 2023 page